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Version Differences
Most of the everyday features of Excel are the same in Excel 5.0, Excel 7.0 (Excel 95), Excel 97 and Excel 2000. Therefore, you should be able to use the material in most of these articles in all versions. Where there are significant difference in the versions, the articles will discuss those differences.

With each new version, additional features may have been added to an existing command causing a minor difference is the keystroke or mouse commands used. If this is not discussed in an article, you should still be able to proceed by keeping the objectives in mind.

If you should experience any difficulty in following an article or exercise due to version difference, please send us an e-mail and we'll assist you in solving the problem and update the particular article for clarity.

As of January 2, 1998, Excel 4.0 will no longer be included in the SolutionBase. Send us an e-mail us if you have a specific Excel 4.0 request and we will make every attempt to assist you.

The solutions are written using Windows version on the PC. The difference between the Mac and PC are very minor. In most all cases, the differences are in the keyboards or unique operating system matters. The Excel steps very seldom differ. But again, conceptually, the solution is here, you may have to make minor adjustments. 

The emphasis is on the everyday, basic features in the above discussion. The more complex the issue or in the case of VBA the chances of differences are more likely to occur. In any case, they will be mentioned in the article or the article will be appropriately noted with the version number. 

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