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This page contains the files from various Excel presentations done by Jim Colville over the last three years.

The files will open in Excel. Click File Save As to save to your PC. If you have trouble with the download, right click on the link and Save Target As, then open the file from your PC.

The files were created or updated in Excel 2000 or 2003.

These files have been completely updated for my October 11, 2006 presentations.

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Financial Statements  8/24/06

Defined Names

Database and Custom Sort  

Copy, Paste Special Values, File Linking  

Data to Link  

YTD Update

Zero Out, GoTo Special

Word Wrap in Excel

Mail Merge in Excel

*** Budget / FS Sample ***  8/28/06

Creating Drop Down List Box  8/27/06

Fixing a Bad Download

Fixing Bad Download, Another Example

*** Excel File Inventory ***  8/31/06

*** Recording All Changes to a Worksheet ***  8/24/06

Listing all Sheets in a File  8/31/06

Hiding and Unhiding Menu Items  8/31/06

Random Numbers  9/30/06

Tracking Due Dates  10/11/06

VLookup  10/11/06

VLookup Advanced, Index Match  10/11/06

Cool ToDo Calender in Excel  8/23/06

Fun and Cool Concepts

Fun and Cool Concepts #2

Fun and Cool Concepts #3

Controlled Groups

Corporation Tax Computation Excel Worksheet

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Not all the files have instructions or other obviouse pointers. They may be just data files for education or demo purposes. Other files contain in-depth documentation and instruction.

This site is being set-up to be an ongoing resource of Excel information. Check back from time-to-time to see what's been added.

This page was set up in late September 2005 and significantly upgraded in August 2006 and is being updated continously. Please check back as the example you were looking at may have been substantially upgraded. The red date indicates the update.




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